RFC Certified Unofficial Website food


Please note: I have included all the content from the "old" site into the "new" with a few extras.

To all the RFC members who have made this site possible (both past and present) - thank you!

However, special thanks go to:

  • Damsel in Dis Dress for creating the original concept and website (back in 1997);
  • OmManiPadmeOmelet and Sheldon for "donating" pictures etc. that I have used and abused to "pretty up" the site;
  • Nancy Y. for all her support;
  • Christine D. for the RFC'ers Map;
  • Barb S. Sarah B. and Peter A. for giving me a "Useful links" section.
  • Victor S. for maintaining the FAQs;
  • Reg for his ideas and comments;
  • the two Johns for running the previous site in recent years.
  • and last, but not least, to my DH for all the work he has put in on the "new" site.

Chatty Cathy