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October 2003 San Diego Cook-in

Hosted by Katherine and David Barto

Christine Dabney attended this cook-in - and judging by the photos, a good time was had by all!

A Delilah

Jamie Utter and Katherine Barto, with the first of Fred's Mai Tais.

Brian Utter and Jack Schidt keeping an eye on the proceedings at a safe distance.

Jack Schidt

Brian Utter

The "kids" keeping an eye on the goings on.

A heated discussion in the kitchen between me (Christine), Katherine Barto, and Mimi Hiller

Christine getting ready to start on the squash blossoms.

Debbie MacLeod, and Brian Utter

Koko, Brian Utter,and Debbie MacLeod

Madelines - I forget the exact title of these, but they had chiles in them. Very, very good!

What are these?

Debbie MacLeod making her Green Chile Stew