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A tribute to Harry Demidavicius by Alan Zelt

Harry passed away on April 3, 2010. Born in Europe, he was taken to England during the Second World War. He emigrated to Canada and lived in Montreal. Married to Samantha, they moved on to Edmonton and Calgary, BC, before finally retiring three years ago in Nanaimo. He was an ardent booster of the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Zoo.

Harry was an ardent supporter of RFC and Cookins throughout the Northwest. He made several trips to events in Washington, and hosted one at his home in Calgary. You could always count on Harry cooking on one of his two "beloved" Kamado's. And if not cooking on them, talking about barbeque, not grilling. And charcoal, not briquettes.

And never get him started on beets!

And for Harry, making a jar of homemade wine was a treat in itself.

Harry Demidavicius