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In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to RFC-ers who have passed on.
We will miss them, and they will always be in our thoughts.

Sheryl Rosen May 2017
Sheryl Rosen
Janet Wilder February 2015
Janet Wilder
Boli June 2012
Lou Decruss (Gar) May 2012
Van November 2011
blake murphy October 2011
Blake MUrphy
Lynn Gifford (Lynn from Fargo) October 2011
Alan Boles May 2011
Harry Demidavicius
To read a tribute to Harry please click here
April 2010
Harry Demidavicius
Leila Abu-Saba
October 2009
Blinky the Shark
To see a a few more pictures of Blinky, please click here
January 2009
Blinky the Shark
Kilikini (Christy)
To see a video tribute to Kili, please click here
December 2008
Kilikini (Christy)
Debra Fritz December 2007
Ken Davey June 2007
Alan Moorman March 2007
Alan Moorman
Bob Pastorio April 2007
Bob Pastorio
Moosemeat March 2005
Cuchulain Libby ('Hound') October 2003