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Black Soy Bean Soup

Here is my contribution...

Pic supplied by Om - Black Soy Bean soup - Fixins

Beans well pre-soaked. The herbs are not pictured but I used fresh from the herb garden, rosemary, thyme, dittany and mexican oregano. I normally don't peel carrots, but these were getting a bit old so badly needed it. ;-)

The meat is pre-cooked ham and bacon that was used to make the original stock that came out nice and thickly gelled, and was defatted prior to cooking the soup. One of the advantages of cooking ahead. It's easier to de-fat if the broth gets chilled. (G) Considering the nature of ham and bacon....... I pulled a 1/2 inch thick cake of fat off the top of the pot! Now that the soup has been refrigerated, almost no fat is sitting on the top.

Here it is plated...

Pic supplied by Om - Black Soy Bean soup - Plated

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