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Xxcarol's Japan 'Rice Soup'

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Yield: 16 Servings

2 qt Chicken stock or dashi
3 c Dry rice, calrose
1/2 c Chopped green onions
1/2 c Chopped bok choy (cabbage)
1/2 c Shrimp meats, deshelled
1/2 c Mussels or clams, deshelled
1/4 c Chopped squid
1/4 c Octopus chopped
1/2 c Shredded carrots
2 oz Shredded dry nori (seaweed)
1 tb Dry parsley
1 ts Black pepper

I've had this many times here in Japan but cant find the recipe typed up anyplace. It's very close though to 'congee'. To serve this right, you need a metal or very thick pottery pot with a lid and several small bowls to serve it out in to each person. Heat the pot by filling with hot water from the sink, and place the cover over it.

Place all the ingredients in a soup pot and let boil for 10 mins, then serve in the preheated dinner pot.

Add raw eggs to the dinner pot and let them cook in the liquid as you serve dinner. How many is up to you, but 6 would be normal for a 12 person dish. As this is made to be served 8 people at a time, you'd add 4 and next meal, another 4.

The meats are all pretty much precooked and all veggies are fine chopped or shredded. The squid can be all just the left over tentacles and that is actually perfect for using them up. If you do not have octopus, use more squid. The reverse also works.

Excellent place for any leftover seafood type as long as it is deboned first. Little balls of Kamaboko (fish paste) work really well here. The key is lots of different things, not too much of any one.

Optional additions run into the hundreds but these are good ones: Tofu in small cubes, mild white cheese added at the serving time (small chunks that melt in the almost boiling serving dish as the raw eggs cook), chili powder of choice at the serving table, edamame (soy beans, fresh), spinach.

Serving suggestions: With hard crusty bread, hot tea, and fresh cucumbers.

From the Japan kitchen of: xxcarol 23May2005

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