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Herbs & Spices to Accompany Different Foods - Martin Katahn

From the GEnie Service, the Food Roundtable. (Thanks to Mordechai Housman for sharing)

AllspiceMeats, fish, gravies, relishes, tomato sauce
BasilGreen beans, onions, peas, potatoes, summer squash, tomatoes, lamb, beef, eggs, sauces
Bay leavesArtichokes, beets, carrots, onions, white potatoes, tomatoes, meats, fish, soups and stews, sauces, gravies
Caraway seedAsparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, coleslaw, onions, potatoes, sauerkraut, turnips, beef, noodles, cheese dishes
CardamomMelon, sweet potatoes
Cayenne PepperSauces, curries
Celery SeedCabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn, lima beans, potatoes, stews, tomatoes, turnips, salad dressings, beef, fish dishes, sauces, soups, cheese
ChervilCarrots, peas, salads, summer squash, tomatoes, salad dressings, poultry, fish, eggs
Chili Powdercorn, eggplant, onions, beef, chili con carne, stews, sauces, egg dishes
Chivescarrots, corn, sauces, salads, soups
Cinnamonstewed fruits, apple or pineapple dishes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, toast
Clovesbaked beans, sweet potatoes, winter squash
Cumincabbage, rice, sauerkraut, chili con carne, ground-beef dishes, cottage or cheddar cheese
Curry powdercarrots, cauliflower, green beans, onions, tomatoes, lamb, fish, poultry, sauces for eggs and meats
Dill Seedcabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peas, potatoes, spinach, tomato dishes, turnips, salads, lamb, cheese
Dill Weedvegetables, salads, poultry, soups
Gingerapplesauce, melon, baked beans, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, poultry, summer and winter squash, beef, veal, lamb, teriyaki sauce, (nuts)
Macecarrots, potatoes, spinach, summer squash, beef, veal, fruits, sauces
Marjoramasparagus, carrots, eggplant, greens, green beans, lima beans, peas, spinach, summer squash, lamb, poultry, fish, stews, sauces
Mustardasparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, onions, peas, potatoes, summer squash, meats, poultry
Mustard Seedsalads, curries, pickles, corned beef, relishes
Nutmegbeets, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, greens, green beans, onions, spinach, sweet potatoes, winter squash, sauces
Oreganobaked beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, lima beans, onions, peas, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, turnips, beef, veal, poultry, fish, pizza, chili con carne, Italian sauces, stews
Paprikasalad dressings, fish, gravies, eggs
Parsley Flakesall vegetables, soups, sauces, salads, stews, potatoes, eggs
PepperMost vegetables, meats, salads
Poppy Seedsalads, noodles
Rosemarymushrooms, peas, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, vegetable salads, beef, lamb, veal, poultry, stews, cheese, eggs
SageEggplant, onions, peas, tomato dishes, salads, veal, poultry, cheese
Savorybaked beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lima beans, potatoes, rice, squash, egg dishes, roasts, ground-meat dishes
Sesame Seedasparagus, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach
Tarragonasparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, salads, macaroni and vegetable combinations, beef, poultry
Thymeartichokes, beets, carrots, eggplant, green beans, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, veal, poultry, cheese and fish dishes, stuffings
Turmericmustards and curries, chicken