RFC Certified Unofficial Website food

To join the channel via your web browser:

If you don't have any IRC (chat) software installed you can use this link from your browser - which will open in a new Tab (or new Window if you don't have a tabbed browser):


(NB: this is a third party web service Mibbit that allows access to many IRC servers/channels).

You should see something like this near the top of the page: (NB: the server generates a random "Nick" for you e.g. mib_90nags)

1. Click on "Server"

2. Fill in fields as follows:

Server Address: irc.hostedfor.us

Nick: mib_90nags | Channel: #rec.food.cooking

(You may overwrite the "mib_xxxxxx" with your own nick at this point - otherwise you will need to type "/nick yournick" once you have joined the channel)

3. Click on "Go"

This will take into the RFC chat channel.